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ViS featured in TEDMED blog: Building a Global Research Superhighway

On April 4, 2014, TEDMED posted a blog in their Catalyst Series based on an interview with ViS CEO Fabio Thiers. As mentioned by Dr. Thiers, “The previous system was about about whom you know. More well-known sites were more likely to be chosen. Here, all sites have the opportunity and a common platform for which to share their capabilities”. He added that ViS is “LinkedIn on steroids”.

For the full text, click here.

Press Release: ACRES Launches Global Stakeholder Consultation on Clinical Research Site Excellence With ViS and Essex Management

On March 6, 2014, The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) announced the launch of a Global Stakeholder Consultation to better inform the development of standards, processes and policies to promote excellence and sustainability of clinical research sites worldwide.

The Consultation will include a series of surveys, interviews and face-to-face interactive meetings with stakeholders from all sectors of the clinical research enterprise over the next year. The surveys will be powered by ACRES’ strategic ally, ViS Research, a provider of unique online feasibility assessment technology. The resulting report will be widely shared with the global clinical research community.

Click here for the full press release

inVentiv Health Highlights ViS at SCOPE Event in Miami

On February 4, 2104, at the Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE) in Miami, inVentiv Clinical Trial Recruitment Solutions (iCTRS) announced the launch of a social network to connect trial sponsors and sites. Built under an exclusive agreement with ViS, investigator sites can post profiles that include their capabilities. They also can access information on new trial opportunities posted by iCTRS. The profiles will contain answers to 85% of the routine questions sites are usually asked to answer for individual feasibility queries—often via old fashioned, time-consuming paper questionnaires.

Click here for the full press release:

Applied Clinical Trials features ViS/inventiv collaboration under the title “Analysis Shows Feasibility Studies Could be Conducted in Half the Time”

The Applied Clinical Trials article, published on January 23, 2104, refers to an analysis just released that could prove potential savings in the ViS platform for clinical trial feasibility studies. iCTRS took data from 100 feasibility studies conducted by inVentiv and analyzed the time required to perform each of the individual tasks involved in such studies. iCTRS then looked at how much time the application of ViS technology could save for each task. Cumulatively, the efficiencies offered by ViS cut the total feasibility study hours by 54% -- while delivering better quality.

For the full article, see:

inVentiv Health Leverages ViS’ Advanced Digital Technology to Slash the Time Required to Conduct Feasibility Studies

On January 23, 2104, inVentiv Health announced that the process innovations offered by its partnership with ViS could cut in half the time required to conduct feasibility studies.

To demonstrate the potential for savings, iCTRS took data from 100 feasibility studies conducted by inVentiv, and analyzed the time required to perform each of the individual tasks involved in such studies. The company then looked at how much time the application of ViS technology could save for each task. Cumulatively, the efficiencies offered by ViS cut the total feasibility study hours by 54% -- while delivering better quality.

To see the full press release, click here

Clinical Leader features ViS/inVentiv collaboration under the title: “Bring Down the Cost of Clinical Trials with Improved Site Selection”

The Clinical Leader article, published on December 19, 2013, is based on an interview with Fabio Thiers, ViS founder and CEO, and Otis Johnson, Executive director, Clinical Informatics & Feasibility at iCTRS (inVentiv Clinical Trial Recruitment Solutions). Both detail the inefficiencies, redundancies and delays in current site selection practice, and explain how ViS’ online feasibility platform can greatly streamline and accelerate the whole site selection process.

For the full article, see:

ViS CEO Dr. Fabio Thiers and BIO President and CEO James C. Greenwood present collaboration at Partnering for Cures conference

On November 4, 2013, in New York, NY, Dr. Thiers and Mr. Greenwood presented the ViS and BIO collaboration on Empowering Pediatric Research, at Faster Cures’ fifth annual Partnering for Cures conference.

Nearly 60% of the disease burden for high-priority conditions, including schizophrenia, depression, malaria, and HIV/Aids, is borne by children, but it remains difficult to find experienced research sites for pediatric research. ViS Research, in partnership with the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and its member companies, has mapped over 3,000 institutions with pediatric experience, across 84 countries. Together, ViS & BIO are building a pediatric research network that allows research institutions to participate at no cost. The resulting patient demographics, together with ViS' online feasibility and analytics platform, allow drug developers to quickly navigate and evaluate pediatric clinical research infrastructure and initiate trials faster and at a lower cost.

The objectives of the BIO-ViS partnership are to: map the pediatric patient population, identify pediatric research sites, use crowd-sourced standards for site evaluation, and create a live interface with pediatric sites.

Faster Cures, the Washington, DC-based center of the Milken Institute, brings together leaders in Partnering for Cures from all sectors in medical research with the express purpose of making collaboration happen - collaborations that must happen to speed up the time it takes to turn discoveries into treatments and cures.

For further information, see:

Press Release: iCTRS partners with ViS to revolutionize clinical trial site feasibility assessment

On September 18, 2013, inVentiv Clinical Trial Recruitment Solutions (iCTRS), announced a strategic partnership with ViS Research to revolutionize and speed the antiquated system of clinical trial site evaluation. The partnership with ViS addresses the key problem of clinical trial site evaluation – trial planners simply don’t have adequate analytics about research centers and locations where centers operate. Information is often inaccurate and outdated – or simply does not exist. To find the right trial site, across more than 400,000 research centers worldwide, trial planners send out lengthy feasibility questionnaires, often on paper, that are frequently never filled out or returned. An estimated $10 billion a year is wasted because of poor site selection – the failure to match trial planners with appropriate, effective research sites.

Through its partnership with ViS, iCTRS brings an interactive navigation system to this clinical research universe, so that trial planners can quickly match their needs with the disease-specific capabilities of individual research centers. They can quickly and efficiently evaluate all the relevant analytics – such as local patient population, research activity, infrastructure, personnel, timelines – from the country level through state, city, postal code, all the way down to what is inside the research center facilities.

“We are committed to accelerating clinical research through breakthrough innovation, and this partnership offers trial sponsors the fastest most sophisticated way of ensuring research sites are properly equipped, staffed and ready to be processed for rapid activation,” says Ramita Tandon, senior vice president and general manager for iCTRS. “We are looking forward to building on the remarkable platform and database that ViS already has created.”

Click here for the full press release

ViS CEO Dr. Fabio Thiers speaks at Global Clinical Trials and Disruptive Innovations conferences

On September 18, 2013, in Boston, Mass., Dr. Thiers spoke at the Conference Forum conference on Global Clinical Trials, in the session on “Innovative technologies that drive efficiencies in global clinical trials.” The conference covers solutions to the current barriers and challenges in planning and executing successful global clinical trials and in particular, how to reduce the complexities of them.

The following day, Dr. Thiers spoke at the 3rd Annual Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials conference, a TED-style event showcasing innovations and leading practitioners in Pharma R&D with a focus on clinical research as well as innovative leaders from other industries.

More information at:

Press Release: ViS and HealthCarePoint collaborate with ACRES in launch of Global Clinical Research Network Technology Platform

On August 20, 2013, the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) announced the start of an open, collaborative system for clinical research, connecting research sites worldwide through a shared technology platform.

Through this new site-network interface, sites wishing to participate in ACRES global safety, quality and professional development initiatives will register as ACRES-affiliated sites, allowing for the exchange of information between the site and the ACRES Global Network. Registered sites will enter information describing the site and its capabilities into ViS' center profiles, where it can be shared with sponsors conducting online feasibility assessment.

ViS founder and CEO, Dr. Fabio Thiers, noted, “We are proud to support ACRES. The ACRES network will enable sites to share their capabilities and efficiently communicate with sponsors and international peers. It provides the foundation for a more efficient and sustainable clinical research enterprise, resulting in faster patient access to better and safer medical treatments.”

Click here for the full press release

Press Release: HealthCarePoint and ViS Research streamline sharing of qualifications by medical researchers.

On July 30, 2013, ViS Research and HealthCarePoint announced that they will connect their platforms to improve cost-efficiency in clinical research. The partnership will allow clinical trial planners to quickly access clinical research professionals’ Personal Experience and Training (PET) records through the ViS platform and give clinical research sites access to human resource management systems hosted by HealthCarePoint at no cost.

Sites and clinical researchers will benefit from an efficient way to share their qualifications, while trial planners gain ready access to structured data for compliance and site evaluation for inclusion in trials. Users of ViS' online feasibility platform (which include most large pharma companies and CROs) will have seamless and quick access to information for site feasibility assessment. The functional integration of these technologies will provide a complete solution to sponsors, CROs, IRB representatives and research associations that need to search, find, retrieve and maintain verifiable information on professional competencies for regulatory compliance purposes.

It is clear that society wins when medical researchers focus less on paperwork and more on patients. This collaboration revamps the site feasibility assessment process. Trial planners have had to resort to creating burdensome questionnaires for researchers, because they do not have an efficient way to access and make sense of the information about locations, sites and investigators. Now they have a better option.

Click here for the full press release

A Folha de São Paulo features ViS Research

On July 17, 2013, “A Folha de São Paulo”, one of Brazil’s leading newspapers, with distribution of over 273,000, published an article based on an interview with ViS CEO Fabio Thiers, under the heading: “Brazilian Creates Social Network for Clinical Trials.” The article explains in depth the need to improve communication between research centers and trial planners, highlighting the solution developed by ViS to address this problem. It goes on to explain that even though São Paulo ranks among the top ten cities in the world in terms of numbers of centers, it attracts relatively few trials, because its centers and their capabilities are not known and not well communicated internationally.

For full article, see: features ViS and BRANY partnership in article on improving the feasibility process

On July 3, 2013, said that “the antiquated process of evaluating clinical trial sites through paper questionnaires may be coming to an end thanks to a new online platform.” It goes on to review the benefits of the ViS feasibility platform, including major savings of time and resources, and highlights the problems that can be overcome through its use.

For the full article, see:

Press Release: BRANY and ViS Research Partnership to Streamline Feasibility Assessment for Clinical Trials

New York, June 26, 2013. Two major players in the field of clinical research trial support services will work together to bring efficiency to the clinical trial process.

Clinical trials are necessary for the development of new medical therapies, but they have become prohibitively expensive and slow. Such trials can be badly delayed because sponsors struggle to understand the capabilities of trial centers. The agreement addresses this issue, as it couples two efficient systems to gather and process information needed for research center evaluation and study start-up.

The Biomedical Research Alliance of New York (BRANY) is one of the largest networks of clinical research sites in the US. BRANY has implemented an efficient 60 day system (SMART-Start-60) for the start-up of clinical trials at academic medical centers. Their new partner, ViS Research, offers a pioneering online research feasibility platform, which eliminates the need for the cumbersome feasibility questionnaires. The collaboration will help medical researchers by reducing their administrative burden related to these feasibility questionnaires, while providing faster and easier start-up of the clinical trials.

Kimberley Irvine, EVP of Operations for BRANY said: “BRANY has built a reputation of excellence and study start-up efficiency among institutions as well as CROs and Sponsors. Our partnership with ViS Research will enhance our ability to offer BRANY certified research sites innovative technology-based solutions to improve efficiencies in the site selection process.”

“BRANY and its affiliate sites are very well regarded and we are honored to collaborate with them,” said ViS CEO Fabio Thiers MD PhD. “Our platform highlights site strengths and delivers simpler data sharing. Together, we can reduce costs and greatly improve communications with trial planners and sponsors.”

To find the right centers, trial planners send out numerous feasibility questionnaires that are often never filled out or returned. These questionnaires are still necessary because the trial planners do not have all the necessary information about sites, investigators and locations where they operate, and when they plan the trial, information available is often inaccurate, outdated, or simply non-existent.

This partnership agreement offers a much more efficient and modern model for research site selection. ViS Research's online feasibility platform delivers the capabilities of research sites, investigators and locations where they operate. BRANY will leverage the live analytics provided by ViS Research to provide even faster and more efficient site start-up. The end result will be faster access to medical therapies for the patients who need them.

Click here for the full press release

Press Release: AAHRPP and ViS Research Institute Collaborate to Protect Research Participants, Advance Quality Research

WASHINGTON, D.C. and NEW YORK, June 25, 2013—The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs and the ViS Research Institute today announced a strategic alliance to further protect research participants by providing easy access to information on the quality and standards of organizations that conduct clinical trials.

ViS has developed an online analytics platform to streamline the feasibility assessment of research sites. Because of the alliance, ViS profiles of research sites will now include information on whether the site has earned AAHRPP accreditation—widely regarded as an objective measure of research quality, ethics and protections.

“AAHRPP and ViS are streamlining the site selection process, making it easier for research sponsors and contract research organizations to identify sites that have committed to high standards,” said Marjorie Speers, PhD, AAHRPP president and CEO. “We are confident that, if information on quality is readily available, it will play a key role in decisions on where to conduct clinical trials.”

Research sites earn AAHRPP accreditation by demonstrating that their human research protection programs adhere to rigorous standards and by committing to continuous quality improvement. More than 180 organizations worldwide—including over 60 percent of U.S. research-intensive universities and U.S. teaching hospitals—are AAHRPP accredited. Together, they represent over 600 research entities.

For these organizations, the new alliance will increase visibility with research sponsors, CROs and other trial planners, and reduce the time and costs of fulfilling multiple requests for information. Instead of responding separately to lengthy feasibility questionnaires, AAHRPP-accredited organizations can provide all that information online, in a ViS profile.

“The alliance between ViS and AAHRPP will enhance the efficiency and quality of clinical trial planning,” said Fabio Thiers, MD, PhD, CEO of ViS, “and will contribute to improved research participant protection and to the accelerated development of needed medicines.”

Click here for the full press release

ViS Research featured in eCliniqua article on Insightful Site Selection: Tools of the Trade

The article, published on June 13, 2013, reviews the approaches of four companies, including ViS, to the challenges of clinical trial planning. These include, according to the article, the difficulties of feasibility assessments, effortlessly identifying the best sites and investigators and more reliably predicting trial enrollment success. ViS is well positioned to address these challenges. Highlighted ViS strengths include online center profiles that obviate the need for feasibility questionnaires, its collaborative, crowdsourced interactive platform compared to a hybrid of Bloomberg and LinkedIn, and the fact that the platform is easy to navigate and serves as a social network where trial planners and research centers can securely communicate and share feasibility analytics with one another.

For full article, see:

ViS CEO Dr. Fabio Thiers speaks at CenterWatch iiBig Conference

On May 20, 2013, in Boston, Mass., Dr. Thiers spoke at the CenterWatch Inaugural Forum on Optimizing Clinical Research Performance. The subject he addressed was “Predicting Top Performing Investigative Sites.” The conference in general focused on leadership, innovations and global solutions for clinical research decision-makers.

More information at:

BIO and ViS announce partnership agreement to streamline pediatric research

The partnership agreement, announced on May 7, 2013, is focused on improving the efficiency of clinical development for pediatric therapeutics. The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) is the most prominent member organization for more than 1,000 global biopharmaceutical companies. There are huge deficiencies in pediatric clinical research, and BIO and its member companies will work with ViS to leverage its innovative online analytics platform to evaluate global pediatric clinical research infrastructure, identify pediatric patient populations, and empower clinical research collaboration. “Leveraging big data sources such as ViS Analytics can help drug developers identify patients to enable streamlined enrollment and site selection, making it faster and easier to conduct pediatric clinical trials and, ultimately, deliver treatments and cures to children suffering from life threatening and debilitating diseases such as epilepsy, hepatitis and diabetes,” said BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood. “By working with ViS Research Institute, BIO and our member companies will empower pediatric clinical research worldwide.”

Click on this link to see an example of related media coverage:

Click here for the official press release

Press Release: ViS selected to present at TEDMED 2013

  • Conference recognizes unique platform that promises to revolutionize clinical trial planning
  • New approach can speed delivery of new medicines to patients in need and reduce the $50 billion spent per year on global clinical research by 10-15%
  • Sophisticated algorithms, crowdsourcing and visualizations enable efficient evaluation of 400,000 research sites, worldwide.
  • Solution is first to integrate analytics with a social network, enabling research centers to efficiently showcase their capabilities.

  • Washington D.C., April 16, 2013. TEDMED's Hive brings together medical innovators who are most likely to impact the future of human health. ViS was selected based on the way it tackles fundamental issues in medical innovation with collaborative approaches.

    Medical innovation relies on clinical research to bring new therapies to patients, but unfortunately, clinical trials have become prohibitively expensive and slow. Today, developing a drug can cost over $1 billion and a single clinical trial can cost more than $100 million. Proper planning of clinical trials is key to the success and efficient use of R&D investments so that new therapies can reach patients.

    A key problem in today's clinical research is that trial planners do not have proper analytics about research centers and locations where they operate. Information available is often inaccurate, outdated, or simply non-existent. To find the right centers, across more than 400,000 research centers worldwide, trial planners send out feasibility questionnaires that are often never filled out or returned. There are well over 29,000 clinical trials currently recruiting patients, while only a small percentage of these trials will enroll the minimum number of patients needed for the trial to finish on time. In fact, 50-60% of research sites enroll less than 2 patients in their studies*; about 80% of clinical trials are delayed because of unfulfilled enrollment**; and $10B/year is wasted because of poor site selection.

    ViS brings an interactive navigation system to this clinical research universe, so that trial planners can quickly match their needs with the disease-specific capabilities of individual research centers. They can quickly and efficiently evaluate all the relevant disease-specific analytics (such as local patient population, research activity, infrastructure, personnel, timelines, etc.) from the country level through state, city, postal code, all the way down to what is inside the research center facilities.

    This information continuum is made possible by ViS’ pioneering approach. ViS experts generate analytics relevant to the locations where centers operate, through sophisticated algorithms and semantic technologies. The resulting analytics are validated by local experts and integrated with crowd-sourced input from clinical research centers through ViS’ social network, where centers upload their disease-specific profiles.

    ViS' collaborative analytics approach integrates large amounts of data to provide up-to-date analytics, while enabling research centers to securely and efficiently showcase their disease-specific capabilities to trial planners. The savings resulting from quick access to better analytics at accessible prices and the efficient communication enabled by ViS' visualization-based social network will likely reduce the waste in today's global clinical research by 10-15%.

    ViS founder and CEO Fabio Thiers, MD, PhD, a Harvard/MIT physician-scientist and pioneer in clinical research analytics, points out that “as a result, the overall process becomes much more cost-efficient. Trial planners benefit from a cheaper and better center selection process; research centers gain global exposure, using much less time and resources; and we all benefit from the accelerated development of much needed medicines.” About: The ViS Research Institute was created as a global enterprise in 2010. Its interdisciplinary team interconnects traditional and emerging markets through regional hubs in New York City, São Paulo, Mumbai, and Frankfurt am Main.

    TEDMED and The Hive take place from April 16-19 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C.

    For press enquiries, please contact: James Rosenstein, Head of Global Communications,, +1 917 715 2820. For more information, visit our website:

    * Pierre, "Recruitment and Retention", 2006; **Lamberti, "State of Clinical Trials Industry", 292;

    ViS selected as one of 48 innovators to be part of The Hive at TEDMED 2013

    The companies selected for The Hive are considered as transformative new businesses, all at the leading edge of health and medicine. ViS was selected from over 250 applications to be present at the event, taking place from April 16-19 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.

    TEDMED is a multi-disciplinary community of innovators and leaders determined to create a better future in health and medicine. 1,800 leading thinkers and doers from across society form the delegation at the annual gathering.

    For further information on the event, see:

    ViS featured in Valor Econômico

    On March 25, 2013, Valor Econômico, Brazil’s leading business newspaper, with distribution of over 60,000, published an article on ViS, under the title “Laboratories gain access to online connection with research centers". The article goes on to say that in the vast universe of the Internet, where it is increasingly hard to find a space for innovation, a group of Brazilians was able to develop a new platform to improve the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and clinical research centers. The company enables pharmaceutical companies to find needed information on the 400,000 centers that exist throughout the world, covering, among others, location and center profiles and analytics, available patient population, investigators, disease-specific research activity and infrastructure, and location scoring, enabling comparisons among all locations. The article compares the ViS platform to Google maps. It is enough to select a disease and click on the map to see instantaneously all the centers available for a given protocol.

    For further information, see:

    IFAPP World publishes in-depth review of ViS

    IFAPP World, the global report of the International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine, has published a comprehensive article on ViS, under the title “ViS Brings Game-Changing Analytics Platform to Global Clinical Research.” Min Soo Park, MD, PhD, Director of Clinical Trials Center, Severance Hospital, Yonsei University College of Medicine, and Vice President, Korea National Enterprise for Clinical Trials (KoNECT), Seoul, Korea, commented: “The solutions provided by ViS enable clinical research centers for the ?rst time to be seen and recognized globally, and to connect ef?ciently with pharmaceutical companies. This is something that will greatly help the ?eld of clinical research”.

    To view the full article, go to, April 2013 edition

    ViS CEO Dr. Fabio Thiers speaks at Bio IT World conference

    On April 11, 2013, in Boston, Mass., Dr. Thiers spoke on the subject of “Using collaborative analytics to transform global site allocation.” The Bio IT World conference brings together specialists from the fields of IT, informatics, biomedical research and drug discovery.

    More information at:

    Location Scoring launched: a completely new feature in clinical research

    This feature provides global scores so that users can compare locations across several analytics. The scores are calculated using a logarithmic percentage for each dimension. To date there has never been a comparison across global clinical research locations and users will be able to use the new location profiles in the following capacities:

     - Quickly evaluate all the relevant disease-specific analytics for all cities/states/countries in which there is clinical research, so as to conduct a SWOT analysis before committing resources

     - Use visual scales to evaluate how the location compares with all the others in the world or within each country, across all analytical dimensions

     - Learn about the location itself, promptly access all the key centers in the location and look at satellite pictures to get a feel for the place before picking up the phone (or hopping on a plane)

    We will be launching National Scores (in addition to Global Scores) soon to enable users to compare locations at the country level.

    Location Profiles enhance ViS analytics

    This game-changing feature for ViS offers a new view of its analytics at the location level. The Location Profile provides the following at the country, state, and city levels:

    1. Overview: provides a brief description of each location.

    2. Main Research Centers: this section shows the top research centers in each location. This information is disease-specific.

    3. Featured Research Centers: provides a randomized list of centers that have already joined the ViS platform and begun completing their profiles. This is a way for centers to increase their visibility on the ViS platform.

    4. Analytics: this section shows ViS analytics metrics at the location level. It is disease-specific and will vary at the country, state, and city levels. The Patient Population metrics are only available if a disease is selected, and the Growth Rate is only available at the country level.

    5. Top Locations: shows the top locations in research activity within the location in focus. For example, when viewing a country, this section will show the top states. When viewing a State it will show the top cities. There are no top locations at the city level.

    ViS CEO Dr. Fabio Thiers speaks at MAGI’s Clinical Research Conference

    Dr. Thiers will be speaking at the Conference’s Innovation Showcase. The conference will be held from 5-8 May 2013, in Boston.

    For further information on the event, see:

    ViS presents at Life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit 2013 as one of the 50 Top Innovators

    The Venture Summit will be held in New York on 19-20 March, 2013, at the Digital Sandbox.

    For further information on the event, see:

    PPH plus, ViS’ partner in Germany, exhibits at the 29th Annual DGPharMed Conference in Berlin, Germany

    The German Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (DGPharMed) will be devoting its forthcoming annual conference, from 13-15 March, 2013, to the main theme of “Drug Research in 2103: New Requirements – New Procedures – New Responsibilities.”

    Dr. Gustavo Kesselring speaks at DIA’s 25th Annual EuroMeeting

    The meeting will be held in Amsterdam from 4-6 March 2013. Dr. Kesselring’s topic is: “Improving Site Selection and Regulatory Transparency through Global Infrastructure Mapping and Collaborative Analytics.”

    Team in India grows

    ViS Research Pvt. Ltd, India has recently expanded with the recruitment of three new members, bringing the team to a total of 11. Smit Kumar, who has a Post Graduate Degree in Statistics, joined as Lead, Statistics, and will be analyzing a variety of data sources and helping to interpret the results. Kinjal Sharma and Bhavana Baser have joined as Medical Research Analysts. Kinjal and Bhavana both have Post Graduate Degrees in Pharmacy and will work on Investigator, Centre, Trial and Patient mapping related assignments. In January, ViS India also moved to a new and larger office, located near Mumbai.

    Marc Wilenzick joins ViS

    Marc Wilenzick has recently become ViS' Head of Stakeholder Engagement. Marc comes to ViS from Pfizer, where he worked for 15 years supporting Pfizer's R&D and R&D Policy efforts, including Pfizer's relationships with regulators and external stakeholders. He also worked as an attorney representing the U.S. FDA. Marc currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of AAHRPP (the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc.) and as the Senior Advisor to Harvard University's Multi-Regional Clinical Trial Center.

    ViS CEO Dr. Fabio Thiers joins Harvard's MRCT Steering Committee

    In addition to becoming a member of the Steering Committee, Dr. Thiers has joined MRCT’s Data Sharing Working Group.

    Harvard University’s Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center aims “to improve the design, conduct and oversight of multi-regional clinical trials, especially trials sited in or involving the developing world; to simplify research through the use of best practices; and to foster respect for research participants, efficacy, safety and fairness in transnational, transcultural human subjects research”.

    ViS presents at New England Venture Capital Forum in December, 2012, as one of the 50 Top Innovators

    The 7th Venture Summit was held in Boston on December 5, 2012, bringing together many new enterprises and leading VCs.

    Dr. Gustavo Kesselring elected President of IFAPP, and receives the 2013 DIA Outstanding Service Award

    Dr. Kesselring is ViS’ Head of Center Engagement, and Executive Director for Latin America. He has been intimately involved in clinical research and pharmaceutical medicine in Brazil and internationally for the past two decades.

    Since 2004, he has also been actively involved in DIA (Drug Information Association) as chairperson and speaker at the DIA Annual Meetings in the USA, Europe and Latin America, and is currently a member of its Latin American Advisory Committee.

    In recognition of his significant contributions to medicine and regulatory science throughout the world during his distinguished career, he has been elected IFAPP’s (International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians) next President, effective in 2014, and has received the 2013 DIA Outstanding Service Award.

    Dr. Gustavo Kesselring chairs session at International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine

    Dr. Kesselring is ViS’ Head of Center Engagement and Executive Director for Latin America. The session he chaired at the 16th ICPM in Barcelona was focused on Creating Collaborative Academy-Industry-Government Programs to Foster Drug Development: Past, Present and Future.