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  • Overview

The objective of the center profile is to enable centers to gain visibility by sharing their clinical research capabilities. We designed the center profile questionnaire to be comprehensive and complete, obviating the need to fill out repeated feasibility questionnaires.

Please note the following:

1. Only users registered for the center with edit rights are able to edit the center profile
2. All other users can only view the center profile
3. Users can save their profile at any moment and finish later by clicking 'Save & Update'
4. Additional information, changes or updates can be done at any time by clicking 'Edit Profile'
5. If you see text in green and you mouse over it, you will be provided with additional information about the particular field

  • Navigation in the system

After getting access to the system you will see the ViS world map with each country that is active in clinical research and includes research centers.

There are two ways for finding your center.

1. Using the Map:
   - By clicking on your country, a window will open that displays centers in your country. Please click on ‘Zoom to States’ that directs you to the ‘state/county/region’
   - By using ‘Zoom to Cities’ and ‘Zoom to Postal Codes’ you can navigate to your city postal code and find your center in the list. Please note, by using ‘Back to Cities’, ‘Back to States’ and ‘Back to Countries’ you are able to get one step back in the navigation.
   - By selecting your center in the list you will open your center profile.

2. Using the search field:
   - You are also able to find your center and/or your location by entering your center name/location in the text field e.g., ‘University of California’ or ‘London’.
   - When entering the information you will recognize that the system offers you suggestions via a drop down list for centers. When your center is appearing in the list please select it and your center profile will open.

  • Profile Sections

Basic Center Profile
This is the starting view when you enter your profile. It provides a list of the profile sections, a picture from ‘Google maps’ and additional information concerning your center and area.
Under ‘ViS profile’ you will find a hyperlink that is specific for your center. Please save this hyperlink under your ‘favorites’ or another place where you can easily find it again.
When clicking on this hyperlink, your are directed to your center profile and you don’t have to use the procedures again as described in the section above.

Editing and saving the profile
By using ‘Edit profile’ you will open the sections of your profile for entering and/or updating your information. If you want to leave the section after entering information please always click on ‘Save and update’. When clicking ‘View profile’ you are returning to the ‘Basic center profile’.

Structure of the profile
The center profile provides general sections, to be completed only once for all diseases, and disease-specific sub-sections, when selecting the specific diseases covered by your center in the ‘Select disease’ menu.

The center profile is comprised of the following sections (please note that some questions may not be applicable or required for your location. If you are unsure how to answer a question, please contact us):

1. About (questions about regulatory affairs, contract negotiation and location of the center)
   1.1. Center: Generic information about the center
   1.2. Location: Information about regulatory requirements for study conduct in the region where the center operates
2. Infrastructure
   2.1. General: General infrastructure information about center (e.g.: technical equipment, facilities)
   2.2. Disease-specific: Relevant infrastructure (e.g.: examinations, tests) available for each disease
3. Patients
   3.1. General: General patient demographics (age distribution, gender, patient history, etc.) about the whole patient population at the center (not only the disease-specific population). If exact data is not available in your data base, please provide estimations
   3.2. Disease-specific: Patient mapping for specific diseases (e.g.: Available patients for the specific disease, age distribution, concomitant diseases, treatments, etc.)
4. Team
   4.1. Personnel: Research staff (others than investigators) available in the center including CV, year of professional qualification, and other relevant information. Please add team members by using the indicated text fields
   4.2. Investigators: Number of clinical research investigators available for a trial. Please note that the system will provide you with a list of investigators who might be working at your center in the given disease specific trial. Please select those investigators by marking their checkboxes on them in the list. If an investigator is not listed than add him/her by using the text field. You can add them by typing their names in the format “Last name, First name” (e.g.: Doe, John) (see image below)

The center profile provides general sections, to be completed only once for all diseases, and disease-specific sub-sections, when selecting the specific diseases covered by your center in the ‘Select disease’ menu (see image below):

5. Expertise
   5.1. General: Staff experience with specific equipment and clinical research related methods (e.g. experience with central ECG/laboratory)
   5.2. Disease-specific: Staff experience with different methods and procedures used for the evaluation of patients with the spec. disease (e.g.: severity and expression of disease)
6. Research
   6.1. Trials: List of trials that the center was part of for a specific disease. Please note the system will provide you with list of trials that might have been conducted at your center. Please select the applicable trials by marking their checkbox on the list. If trials are missing for the specific disease please provide the details by using the text field (see image below)

   6.2. Publications: List of publications that the investigators contributed for a specific disease
7. Network: List of centers that have contributed or continue to contribute with the center for a specific disease

  • Visibility Settings

We developed the following privacy settings for the center profile:

1. Public: ALL ViS users (research centers and trial planners) can access the center profile
2. Public for Trial Planners: ALL users registered as trial planners can view the center profile
3. Public for Research Centers: ALL users registered as research centers can view the center profile
4. Private: NO users have access to the center profile EXCEPT the users who requested visibility access AND were accepted